SexWorld (1978)

I, the fine folks behind B-Movie Enema, would like to finally give into the base need and absolute expectation of all my friends to finally spend a month talking about blue movies.  We’re going to start with the big budget 1978 movie, SexWorld, directed by Anthony Spinelli.

Whether you call these flicks porn, titty flicks, smut, stag films, skin flicks, erotica, filth, dirt, obscenity, or x-rated material, I feel like this is where my life and my blog has come to a… er… well, head.   The decision to do this theme month was made over six months ago when the good people of Vinegar Syndrome had a  big ol’ blue sale where they were selling X-rated flicks for, like, half off or something.  I decided to get a stack of these movies so I can accept my destiny as “that guy” who watches “ever increasing smutty movies to keep writing about them.”

Okay, yes, it’s true that I mostly stick to exploitation and those will have varying degree of trashiness to them, but, still, of course I’ve been flirting with the tipping point for blue flicks for a while.  Back in the summer of 2018, I talked about Dracula Sucks – another Vinegar Syndrome release and most definitely a hardcore porn.  So, yeah, I guess I was dipping my toes into the warm, fleshy, sensuous folds of adult movies for a while.

You may be wondering, “What does the term ‘blue movie’ mean and where did it come from?”  From what I could find, there are a few origins for the term.  First, some say it comes from the UK where prostitutes would wear blue so you knew what’s up.  Second, some say it comes from “blue laws” from earlier in the 20th century that, from what I can deduce, was applied to theaters that played features that weren’t playing normal movies so it kind of mirrored the ideas of places like pharmacies that were exempt from being closed on Sundays.  Finally, some believe it came from a blue tint that would cover black and white movies because they were harder to tell apart from other movies that might play.

For whatever reason that term came up, it all boils down to tasty, delicious smut.

As for SexWorld – tell us what it’s about, back of the DVD box! “Sex World is a luxury resort, advertised as the ultimate sex-themed getaway, where people travel to try and overcome their sexual problems.  As the resort’s guests slowly become aware of their inhibitions, fears, and repressed urges, with the help of robot surrogate lovers, director Anthony Spinelli’s camera paints a haunting picture of human insecurities set against a science fiction backdrop.”

Also, I should point out that this movie features a lot of the same actors from Dracula Sucks.  However, there is no John Holmes.  We’re gonna have to wait a couple more weeks to see his massive hog again.  But enough talk!  Have at thee, movie!

One of those lovely reminders that you’re watching a 70s movie with a vision all its own is seen almost immediately.  We’re shown people lining up for a bus.  There are couples, and I think one or two clearly underage kids (I am not kidding, I think the first person on the bus was a child), as well as people you do not want to see having sex.  They are waiting for a chartered tour bus that has a banner for SexWorld plastered to the side of it with black electrical tape.  Meanwhile, the theme song is singing the praises of SexWorld while telling you to “step on a bus.”


A tour guide on the bus explains to them that they are getting a questionnaire to fill out for their preferences, kinks, etc.  He also explains that the entire place is devoted to their sexual needs and desires.  Basically, this is like a couples’ therapy place as well as a place similar to those hedonist vacation places in the Caribbean that weirdos can go to for wife-swappings and so forth.

We get to know some of the people on the bus, including erotic artist Joan Rice (Leslie Bovee) and her husband Jerry (Kent Hall).  Oddly enough, Jerry Rice, at least in this movie, has a bigger fro than he did when he played for the 49ers.  These two clearly have no issue with sex because they treat their living room like the backseat of Jerry’s dad’s Cadillac.  I can only imagine they will treat SexWorld like the basement floor of her parents’ split-level home.

So one money shot to Joan’s face later, we get closer to the SexWorld while we learn a little more about others.  Ralph (Jack Wright) and Millicent (Kay Parker – the incestuous sister from Dracula Sucks) are having some issues.  And by issues I mean Ralph can’t get it up.  Dude, this is Kay Parker.  She is no joke.  Man, you really need to learn some stuff at SexWorld – or possibly from the Yul Brenner bot at Westworld.  Either way, you need some education on how to make your boner work.

After some more details are given about SexWorld, like not fraternizing with other members of the group, not being bashful about telling intimate details about fantasies to help with personal sessions, etc., and not to badger the workers to get the details of their partners’ sessions, we meet lonely girl, Lisa (Sharon Thorpe).  She calls a stranger from an ad in a paper, and performs phone sex with him while they both crank one out to each other.  However, after they finish together, he tells her that wants to fuck her real bad, and she hangs up and has a bit of a freak out over what she’s done.

I think we all know who my favorite is.  The happily married woman who gets the bone from her husband multiple times a night?  The unhappily married one who isn’t so hot on talking nice to her cuck husband?  Or the one who is quiet, keeps to herself, probably has real social issues, but dresses up (wig and all) to roleplay with a guy on the phone until they both cum, and has a minor mental outburst after while she questions what is wrong with her?

I ain’t even gonna answer because if you’ve read this blog long enough, you know exactly who my favorite is.

One third of the way into the movie, we arrive at SexWorld.  I make that sound negative, but I actually do not mean it that way.  One of the things I really like about these old pornos is that we get to know our characters, we get to understand the situations, and there’s a plot.  Also, they don’t overstay their welcome.  This movie is an exact 90 minutes.  No 3 hour bukkake.  Just a movie that also has a bunch of dick and pussy in it.

After everyone settles in and gets cleaned up, they take their newly filled out questionnaires to each of their individually assigned counselor for a one-on-one interview.  We learn based on how they responded, what they are asked, and what a control room full of sex scientists (fuckologists, I presume) can pick up from them, they set up what each person should get for their fantasy session.  The first person we see get the SexWorld treatment is Roger (John Leslie).  Roger is basically Quagmire from Family Guy, if Quagmire is an incredibly racist dick.  In comes Jill (Desiree West) who pissed him off on the bus ride over.  The SexWorld fuckologists  seem to hit a home run as they take pride in Roger getting turned on by a rhyming Jill seducing this idiot.

Meanwhile, Jerry gets a threesome with Linda (Amber Hunt) and Jo (Carol Tong).  We also learn that I think this really is like Westworld because I’m fairly sure Linda had to be charged up and turned on (not that kind of turned on) before Jerry and Jo got back to her room.  The fuckologists are concerned about Jerry’s interest because he keeps basically saying that he’s gotta leave after he watches the girls 69 each other.  So bleep bloop, flip a couple switches, and suddenly the lesbian chicks are in the mood for a corndog.  Jerry, the stand up guy he is, moans Joan’s name when he cums.

Speaking of Joan, she’s got a fantasy about Marian (Abigail Clayton) who is the next door neighbor.  Joan just wants to see more of her puss.  She’s caught glimpses of it over the many times she’s hung out with her, but she wants a nice up close look.  So this scene gets hot.  You want to know how they knew this was going to be the perfect scene to place smack dab right in the middle of the movie?  They put some of the sexy girl-on-girl action in slow motion.  They knew what they were doing.

Before we get to the next featured couple, I want to point out that transitions between sets of guests are made by checking in on Roger and Jill still going at it.  Like, a half dozen orgasms have gone down and we still have these two fucking away and helping us move from one scene to the next.  Brilliant.

So let’s now move to Millie and Ralph.  Millie wants a guy with a big dick and a giant set of balls.  Ralph, on the other hand, wants to watch his wife get plowed.   Ralph watches as Millie confronts a guy in her room, asking him to get out, only for him to slap her and knock her onto the bed and forces himself on her.  Naturally, the guy has a freaking glorious porn ‘stache.  Millie makes the guy cum in, like, minutes – you know, because she’s Kay Parker.

However, Ralph has someone watching with him – a girl who convinces him to go with her to another room.  The girl, Ann (Eileen Dover – the best porn name in this movie), helps Ralph with his mommy issues.  He’s fixated on someone being his mother.  Like he has to have a matriarchal person calling the shots.  Millie gets her desires of being fucked by a real man, and Roger gets to have sex that doesn’t require being dominated like a child by a motherly figure.

This is a pretty interesting portion of the story.  It’s where you have two people who are opposites.  One wants to be ravaged, almost to the point that she seems to beg for it to stop (only to not get her wish), while the other can’t seem to get past his own childish feelings and needs.  The other stories aren’t that terribly interesting.  Jerry and Joan are a couple without issues.  They just have issues with more secret desires they don’t even feel comfortable telling the other – which so happens to be things that would greatly please the other.  That’s kind of interesting, but it seems like it’s wasted on a duo that are already working pretty well together.  Ralph is having a good time with someone he would never have thought would satisfy him, but that’s such low hanging fruit.

Next, we have Dale (legendary Annette Haven – who was our lead in the previously covered Dracula Sucks).  She has a simple request – a man.  She is a lesbian whose lady love left her.  The fuckologists send in a Latin lover in a banana hammock – as you do.  She asks for it to be taken slow, even so far as not wanting him to touch her.  When she undresses, she is slow, but not sexy about it.  It’s almost clinical.  Clearly she has some intimacy issues since her lover left.  She requests him to treat her with, well, kindness and love.  She wants this to be meaningful and tender.  She’s not looking to be ravaged or do something she is embarrassed to admit she wants or have a fuck sesh with someone of a race she didn’t know she might like.

So John Leslie has cum.  I can only assume we’re in our last transition before the movie is over.

Sure enough, the last one of the visitors we’ve yet to see get her rocks off is Lisa.  She explains she has no real friends.  She works constantly.  She doesn’t talk to people because she’s afraid she will say something stupid.  Her deepest desires are incredibly sweet – she would like someone to notice her, talk to her, and be nice to her.  She also admits to going to XXX movies by herself and she has a fantasy about the big black dude in Behind the Green Door.  They prep her for her fantasy, and a guy comes to the door and softly tells her how much he noticed her and how much he wants to make love to her.

She opens the door too late for the guy, who was a real dude and not someone sent by the fuckologists.  Realizing she might have missed out on something really awesome, and probably what she really wants in life, in comes the black guy from Behind the Green Door (Johnnie Keyes – the actual dude from the movie).  He fucks her in super slo-mo and she loves every fucking inch… er, second of it.

There are some things left unresolved.  Joan is worried she and Jerry won’t have a marriage left after their experiences.  Roger wants to know where the girl he fucked for four hours is.  Millie learns that Ralph is now a total badass and is probably gonna blow her goddamn mind when they get home.  Lisa leaves more confident and beautiful than ever.  While the fuckologists all congratulate each other, they all suddenly freeze in place and only one leaves.  I guess they were all robots.

However…  I have a question.  Actually a couple.  Soooooo…  Joan gets her pussy licked by a robot version of her neighbor and I guess that means her and Jerry are done for?  Why not find out if Jerry would be down for a double dip?  Did Johnnie Keyes’ big black cock decimate that desire of Lisa’s to be treated nicely and be noticed like the guy at her door was doing before she got herself behind the green doored?

This is considered a pretty thought-provoking adult film, and certainly one of the most significant of the late 70s, but I feel like they posed questions they either didn’t have time or the inclination to answer.  Sure, there’s stuff to think about in terms of real world application of a place like this and the effects it would have on people, particularly married couples or those who have some social issues or concerns about being left, etc.  I would have still liked 30 more seconds of Jerry telling Joan he’d like to have a threesome and that guy reconnected with Lisa.  That’s it.

Still…  This is interesting.  Like Dracula Sucks, I felt there were things to take away from a relatively simple blue movie.  That movie interestingly adapts something in a sexy way.  This parodies Westworld in an almost expected sexy way.  This does do something much more than what current porn flicks do – it cares to actually talk about sex.  For the better part of the last 25 years, pornos are just about getting sexy bits to go into or touch each other.  These older skin flicks are much more interested in telling stories and discussing the subject matter.  For that alone, this movie is engaging and sexy.

But…  I still have four more of these to go!  Next week’s Blue March feature will be another from director Anthony Spinelli – Dixie Ray: Hollywood Star.  See you next week for that!

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