Do or Die (1991)

We close out Andy Sidaris Month here at B-Movie Enema with his sixth installment of the Bullets, Bombs, and Babes series, Do or Die.

This also marks the halfway point of the Triple B series. You know these movies were really kind of starting to afford ol’ uncle Andy a real opportunity to spend a little money and turn it around to a fairly big take on home video and late night cable airings. I say this because not only is Erik Estrada back, but top billed is Pat Morita as our villain Kane. Morita had been a significant star of his own playing the role of Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid series. He was pretty well liked and adored as a sweet sensei type. However, this time around, he’s an underground business man set on forcing Donna (Dona Spier back again) and her partner, Nicole Justin (Roberta Vasquez) to be hunted by teams of assassins

This might be a little bit more of a Most Dangerous Game type of scenario than what we normally get in this series. Maybe it’s a bit more like Savage Beach where we take away some of the intrigue elements and replace it with a more survival style of action. I like that Andy doesn’t let the series get too stale and tosses in one of these types of entries. It can usually help cut out some of the more needless complexity of the plot as a whole that we’ve seen in these films.

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Guns (1990)

Welcome to another B-Movie Enema review. This week, I’m gonna continue Andy Sidaris Month with not just the fifth in the Bullets, Bombs, and Babes Series, but also the first film in the Sidaris filmography of the 90s. Starring series regular Dona Spier and series newcomer Erik Estrada, this is Guns.

I mentioned last week that we were heading into the real stretch of the Sidaris run with the BBB Series. Spier is smack dab in the middle of her seven films as special agent Donna Hamilton. She is no longer with her partner for the last three films, Taryn, played by my favorite babe of the series – Hope Marie Carlton. Now, she’s partnered with new character with a recognizable face, Nicole Justin (played by Roberta Vasquez who played a femme fatale villainess in Picasso Trigger).

If there’s anything that Andy Sidaris likes, it’s consistency with his cast and crew. Also returning are Bruce Penhall who is our CIA agent from last week’s movie as well, Bruce Christian. Kym is back after taking last movie off, as are restauranteurs Edy and Rocky. There should be no surprise that Rodrigo Obregon has returned but as a different character for the fourth straight film. For the first time in this series, Michael Shane’s Shane Abilene returns marking the first time a member of the Abilene family has been seen in two films within the series. We need to get use to Shane as we’ll see him three more times before we complete the Sidaris library.

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Savage Beach (1989)

Welcome back to B-Movie Enema’s Andy Sidaris Month!

You know what was part of my decision to kick 2022 off with this theme? It’s January, it’s cold. It’s gray and nighttime comes way too soon in the day. Andy Sidaris is a perfect thing to watch during these cold, dark, and lonely days. He takes us to sunny, beautiful, and sexy Hawaii in most of his films. That’s certainly what we have in line for this fourth film in his Bullets, Bombs, and Babes series – Savage Beach.

This time around, our favorite agents, Donna and Taryn, are transporting an important vaccine when they are forced to land on a remote island full of sandy beaches and tall palm trees. Nearby, there is a sunken World War II era Japanese ship that is just loaded to the balls with treasure. Our blonde bombshells are not alone on the island either. There are deadly bad guys looking for the sunken treasure too!

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Picasso Trigger (1988)

Welcome to yet another new year and a new slate of B-Movie Enema goodness. I decided I’d kick off 2022 with a whole month dedicated to our dearest friend, Andy Sidaris. To be fair, this is a little bit of a makeup for how much I’ve neglected poor Andy. Sidaris should be covered as much as possible at a website called B-Movie Enema, and, thus far, I’ve only done so twice. Once for Malibu Express waaaay back in 2016. Then, a second time for the world renown Hard Ticket to Hawaii last year.

So the fuck am I doin’ around here? Where’s the Andy? Where’s the beefcake, the cheesecake, the fun, and the explosions?

January 2022 will be Andy Sidaris Month, goddammit! We’re just going to keep ripping through his boobtacular action series picking right up with the third film in the BBB (Bullets, Bombs, and Babes) Series with Picasso Trigger. This movie sees the return of the incredibly lovely duo of Dona Spier, as the appropriately named Donna, and Hope Marie Carlton (one of my faves from this series), as Taryn. It also introduces yet another Abilene, Travis, played by Steve Bond (cool name, can’t be real).

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