Monamour (2006)

Welcome to the conclusion of Tinto Brass Extravaganza here at B-Movie Enema. So far, we’ve featured a comedy with some fairly mixed morals on sex and love in Cheeky!, followed by a very good drama about an Italian aristocrat falling in love with a Nazi officer in Black Angel, and then a mixed bag of shorts in the anthology Private. Now it’s up to our final entry, the 2006 drama Monamour, to tip the scales to one side or another in terms of full on quality.

I’ll admit, that while not everything in Cheeky! is something I would like to deal with as a lover of a free spirit, I absolutely cannot deny that there is lots of very pretty things to look at whenever Yuliya Mayarchuk was on screen. It made the movie watchable and kind of vaguely enjoyable for its raw sexuality. Hell, I’d say the movie dropped any pretense of sensuality to just give us a lot of Ukrainian beaver cinematography.

Private is split 50/50. Half the stories were interesting or sexy, and one was even kind of sweet at the end to put a bow on the whole anthology. But that didn’t pretend to be sensual either. It was anywhere from 12-15 minutes of the private lives of very horny couples. VERY horny couples. Black Angel was where Brass dumped all his effort into actually exploring sensuality. It had an aging woman aching for excitement even if it had to come from something wrapped in the uniform of objective evil. As an aging person myself, well, well, well past his prime in most everything except for eating McRibs and writing about B-movies, I can identify with that.

Monamour seems to be a bit of a return to that exploration and need of a return to sexual excitement and spontaneity.

Brass returns to the concept of an unsatisfied wife for this entry. The plot is more or less simple. A woman, Marta, played by Anna Jimskaia, is married to Dario, played by Max Parodi (who has the sole distinction this month of appearing as a featured character in every one of these films). Dario is a successful publisher, but that has basically dried up their sex life as a couple. On the advice of her scheming friend, Sylvia, played by Nela Lucic, Marta starts seeking an affair. This leads to unexpected discoveries about the failing marriage with Dario.

That seems pretty straightforward, yes? It has a little flavor of that Black Angel story. There is a little bit of a difference though. Jimskaia is quite attractive, much like Black Angel’s Anna Galiena. Both women have a steamy sex appeal that I like. However, they are on the opposite ends of their sexual prowess. Jimskaia was in her 20s in this movie and Galiena was in her 50s. Where Galiena was probably scooped up by her aristocratic husband in her late teens or early 20s, Jimskaia’s character likely married her college sweetheart or something kind of similar of a set up where two younger people would meet.

But, where that character from Black Angel saw that as a way to live in the lap of luxury and be removed from the general shittiness of Fascist Italy of the time, Jimskaia’s character in Monamour is already probably feeling that boring married life of long hours and not much sex.

Here’s the funny thing, though… I haven’t even started watching the movie. I’m making guesses based on that synopsis I read. That said, there are parallels that we can run between our second and fourth features for this theme month. I would also believe they are probably quite comparable. So, with that, let’s not beat around the bush anymore and dig into Monamour!

And dig into Monamour, we do!

I wasn’t sure what to expect the first shot of our married couple at the heart of this film would be, but if you told me it would be a husband plowing his wife, I wouldn’t have bet against it. This is Marta and Dario. Marta, tired of this missionary shit, turns him over and rides him hard asking him to kiss her neck like he used to. Shortly after he orgasms ending their lovemaking with him falling asleep and her…

Well, Marta has a look on her face that’s familiar to me.

Disappointment thy name is Romantic Relationship with the Author of This Blog.

As per the usual in a Tinto Brass movie, Marta gets up, goes to the bathroom and washes out her vagina and ponders romance. She then gets into the dresser, flashes her pussy to the audience, and gets her diary. Marta writes that, despite her love for the really great man that Dario is, she cannot reach orgasm with him. They’ve only been married for six months and it’s just gotten boring. If you think the shot of this woman at her desk writing in her diary is boring, get the fuck back, Jack, because the camera zooms in on her asshole. She then finishes her entry, goes back to her dresser, opens the drawer, flashes her pussy at us again, and closes it to return to bed with boring Dario.

She dreams of a past date with Dario, Marta remembers a time they were boating in a near by river or lake or something, and she flashed her crotch, tossed of her thong and threw it at Dario which led to him frantically going down to Munchtown. While they made love in their boat, a horny fisherman also on his boat nearby watched with a hard on. Marta, excited by being watched, turn on the sexy comments about never cumming as hard as she has right that moment and so on. You know, as girls do in real life.

Marta wakes up alone. Dario has to go to work. He left a book for Marta to check out and give her opinion on when he returns. It’s a romance novel that includes the line, “His fingers shot through my cunt lips like an arrow.” This is what Marta wanted to see because she decides to masturbate like a horny 15-year old after finding his first Playboy in the woods out by Happy’s Hardware Outlet on Route 8. Dario comes home because he forgot something so she pretends to still be sleeping. He leaves her a note as he did just that morning, and kisses her cheek. He leaves, she gets up, she reads his note, she tosses the book he left her across the room, and she decides to get dressed and check out the sights in this town they are visiting.

While she’s checking out some local art, she becomes the subject of a lingering sexy local’s own appreciation of the sights. He takes pictures of her from front to back. As she walks away from him, he follows, snapping pictures the whole way. It’s a creep move, but… maybe just what Marta needs. And sure enough, she spots a painting in which a guy has a hard dick. At that time, the creep catches up to her and grabs her by the taint. They start making out. However, a class of teenagers come in to check out the various penis paintings as well. This gives Marta the chance to escape and it allows the creep to sniff his fingers right in front of two admiring, very likely too young, school girls.

That’s been a constant in these movies, guys grabbing chicks by the taint, pussy, and/or ass and then becoming intoxicated by the scent left behind on their hands. Now… Look. I ain’t one to kink shame, unless you like Smurf porn – if you like that, then you are a weirdo… What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I don’t want to shame anyone, but what is it with the sniffing of fingers, panties, and what have yous in these movies? I would get it if one movie had one character who did that, but EVERY movie has this from EVERY character.

I’m going to ask a very serious question. I’m going to guess some of you will not think this to be serious, and even laugh, but I’m not kidding. I’m being serious. So… Here goes. Does that intoxicating scent from permanent markers like Marks-A-Lot markers come from European women? People in these movies act like it does. If that’s the case, then yeah, I’d be cramming my fingers into my face after I touched a woman down there… after I get permission from the lady to touch her, of course. I’m not some crazy Italian man in a Tinto Brass movie.

Speaking of permission to touch a lady…

Marta takes a bath that evening and dozes off (she sleeps or pretends to be asleep a lot in this movie thus far). Dario decides to go in for a grab. Just before he gets one of them boobies, she wakes up and acts like he assaulted her. I mean… he kind of did, but anyway, they are supposed to be getting ready for some sort of event at this conference. She wants to tell him that she kissed that creep at the museum, but he gets a phone call and she isn’t able to bring herself to do it. So, instead, after he tells her once more to hurry up, she shouts to him that she was nearly raped today.

He asks if she was nearly raped or actually raped. He doesn’t seem to be all that concerned about it. In fact, he thinks that it’s all a fantasy of an “ignored wife” as if he even knows that he isn’t doing it for her anymore. He suggests that if she’s that horny, maybe she shouldn’t wear any underwear under her dress tonight. That pisses her off.

They do end up going to the party. There are a bunch of snobbish types discussing sex and what is art or what isn’t. It’s mostly men talking about how sex is good and that it can be art and so on. The women are either purposely vulgar in favor of sex or they are completely aghast about the mere public display of sexuality. Marta is seemingly, and completely, unimpressed. However… Her mysterious creep-o from the museum is here and has a dance with the lovely Marta.

Marta appears to have taken Dario’s suggestion about undergarments.

At first, Marta is not into the idea of this creep grabbing her for a dance, but, soon, she’s a bit more into the dance. They dance not just off the dancefloor, but all the way out the fucking building. He feels her up and notices that she isn’t wearing underwear and takes a dip in the Marks-A-Lot pool again. He pulls out his dick and she goes down on him for a moment before she is interrupted by her friend Sylvia. Sylvia coyly asks if she interrupted anything.

Now… She absolutely did because Marta was tits out when she went to greet Sylvia. Marta and Sylvia go to the bathroom to discuss this new development. Sylvia wants to know when Marta started stepping out on Dario. Marta says it’s not like that (it kind of is or very close to becoming that). Marta also says that it is Dario’s fault. She says that Dario can’t make her cum anymore. Sylvia says that happens to everyone after marriage. Sylvia’s there with her husband’s secretary because he fucks her right good. Sylvia is a firm believer of having an extra lover to make sex with the hubby stronger and better.

The setting for this conversation is pretty great though. It’s happening while both of them are pissing. They are in stalls opposite one another and they’re talking about these serious things. Doors closed? Nope.

Shot A.

Giving those bathroom eyes, Sylvia.

Shot B.

The whole time, we hear the tinkles. We watch them wipe. We definitely see and hear the flushes. Another woman happens to be there and I expected her to find a toilet that faced both of them. But no. It’s even better. Sylvia says that the way to go is to let the lover get that backdoor. Reserve the front entrance for your husband. The third woman says that, yeah, the poop hole isn’t just for the poopy and basically says that the butt stuff is the good stuff.

Fucking brilliant.

Marta and Dario return home and she is looking horny. She sexily hikes her foot up on the coffee table and Dario realizes Marta is sans-panties. Marta says that he was the one who dared her to not wear any. She also says that people noticed. He saw her dancing with creep-o. He says he’s a whore-monger. She says maybe she liked him. After all, she is a woman and she can find men attractive. As she continues to go on telling Dario that this man not only touched her ass, but he fingered her too. This begins to drive Dario mad… sexually. He starts kissing her passionately – including her neck.

All you had to do, Dario, my man!

He ends up getting so turned on that he needs to have sex right now. She wants him to go doggy style right there in the bathroom where she started turning him on. He wants bed and missionary. He drags her to the bedroom, and, about ten pumps later, he’s done and passes out. Again, Marta is unfulfilled.

She steps out of the bedroom and onto the balcony. She hears the cats in the streets. There’s an opera being sung somewhere in the city. She lets the breeze flow up her nightie. It is a really sexy shot of Anna Jimskaia. She presses herself up against one of the iron slats of the balcony’s rail, and touches herself while she thinks of the guy at the party.

Meanwhile, a guy watches her from across the way. She likes this. She begins to basically perform for him. She doesn’t see the old guy who really is looking at her and jerking off, she sees the man from earlier. After getting her needs met, she goes back inside to the applause of the old man in the other window. It’s a sexy moment in this movie that’s so far been fairly sexy in a fantastical way. She’s getting in touch with her power as a desirable woman again after seemingly losing it once she married Dario. I like it.

I like Anna Jimskaia.

The next morning, she’s woken up by a bellhop who delivers a letter from the mysterious finger sniffing stranger. She learns his name is Leon. He gives her a place and a time to meet. Naturally, he wants her to come without panties. She ponders if she should go to meet Leon. Ultimately, she goes to the restaurant to meet Leon. She’s even gone with his request of no panties.

This whole scene is pretty funny all things considered. Marta is already hyper sensitive over whether or not she should have met Leon. When it was happening out of nowhere, it was exciting and not something she necessarily have to think about as it was all going on. Now, she’s making the conscious decision to meet Leon and cheat on Dario. She’s nervous. This makes Marta order multiple martinis flip flopping back and forth between dry and sweet. On top of that, the chairs at this place has that waffle style wicker on the seat part. It’s incredibly comfortable on the bare skin, which is her ass and pussy. This restaurant is crazy because there are two men singing dueling operas, and it gets intense. There are couples everywhere around her. One couple is a young woman with old ass Tinto Brass who notices that she’s panty-less. One young couple is waiting for the bill from a waiter who has a limp. When he delivers it to the couple, they fight over who is paying.

All the time, Leon is an hour late.

He finally arrives and just instantly fingers Marta. The waiter takes their order. Marta gasps in excitement which leads to Leon saying they need to take her to the restroom. Meanwhile, back at the hotel room, Dario comes back looking for a presentation he forgot. He finds Marta’s diary and begins reading from it learning about how unhappy she is with their sex life.

“Hmm… Maybe I should fuck my extremely hot wife the way she wants to be?”

Dario learns all about the growing frustrations of Marta’s. He reads about how the last few months have been boring and dull. She knows Dario loves her, but he just doesn’t touch her the same way. He finds out more about Leon. Dario is simultaneously turned on and infuriated by the writings in his wife’s diary. He doesn’t seem all that upset that Marta writes she doesn’t even feel guilty. He just puts the diary back and goes back to his conference.

Elsewhere, Marta and Sylvia get massaged at a spa. But one of those sexy spas where you get massaged in the nude and the masseuses are sexy women themselves. Marta thinks back to lunch where Leon soaped up her butthole and fucked her right in the poop chute. He told her he wants to go crazy up her ass.

Say… That reminds me of something…


Sylvia talks about her favorite positions during sex, including the “roast chicken”. Sylvia knows the guy’s name is Leon because Marta said his name while the masseuse was working on her. Marta tells her all about his backdoor visit. Sylvia uses her hands to show Marta how good she could be for her too.

I… I am in favor of this.

I do have a question… Sylvia also suggested that maybe she, Marta, and Leon should have a three-way. If Leon needs to use the backdoor so Dario still gets the front, and Sylvia wants in on any kind of action that Marta will give her, what door can she use? Is it okay if she uses the front door? That’s girl on girl, right? That’s different than taking a second male lover… yes?

I know, right? That’s a tough question to figure out, Marta, my dear!

That evening, Dario interrogates Marta about what she was doing that day. He accuses her of going out to get fucked by another man. She tells him that the way he fucks, maybe she should find another man to do it right. He slaps her. She locks herself in the bathroom after calling him a cuckold. She takes a bath while Dario fucks up the room Citizen Kane style.

It’s kind of funny watching him tear the place up while she just casually takes a bath.

In the tub, Marta remembers a time during a rainstorm when she went down on him. He gets angry for some reason and kicks her out and leaves her on the side of the road in the storm. But this isn’t a memory… It’s a fantasy. She stumbles along in the woods and finds Sylvia being eaten out by her boy toy. Leon jumps out and takes her dress off and fucks her butt against a tree. She sees the lady masseuses and the fisherman who saw her and Dario a while back and the guy from across the street from the hotel who watched her previously.

Marta wakes up the next morning to a note from Dario saying he’d like to have her come to the party at the end of the festival. He also apologized for the day before and promises to not neglect her anymore. She calls Leon to tell him she needs to meet with him. He tells her where to meet and when. She leaves early and goes to the park. This park must be the same one from the credits in Cheeky! because the young couple from the restaurant earlier in the movie are fucking under a tree. A couple Rastafarians are jamming at across the way from where a provocatively dressed Marta airs out her panty-less pussy. She fantasizes about the Rastafarians coming over and touching her while she is watched by a man in a trenchcoat. That man turns out to be Dario who shoots her and the Rastafarians. This wakes Marta up from the dream.

“Yikes… Okay, maybe I’ve taken this too far now.”

She goes to Leon’s hotel room. We learn from the man at the front desk that Leon is “the one who draws naked women” which I don’t think we knew before now. Inside the room, she sees some of Leon’s art. At first, she tells him it has to stop, but also, she’s not wearing underwear, sitting on his lap, and pretty excited. She decides that it does need to end, but not right now. She goes down on him, and then he repays the favor. She then climbs on board and puts it in her butt.

I feel like I’ve typed that exact sentiment all month long. People in these movies have done nothing but put themselves in the other person’s butt. There’s this odd fascination with anal sex in these four movies. I don’t know if it is just more common in Italy or if it is a big fetish there or if it’s an ultimate show of power in that culture. It’s always kind of built up to, and the woman’s reaction to it is a major focal point in the movie. It also tends to send the woman into a situation in which she becomes addicted to sex which then sends the movie onto its ultimate path toward what that woman needs to do to be satiated.

Marta, exhausted from the flurry of 45-second butt sex and her apparent mind-shattering orgasm, falls asleep on the bed. In the position Leon sees her lying in, he decides to draw her which becomes a major selling image for the promotional materials for the film. It’s a good look form, I have to give him that.

He gives her a silk scarf that he blindfolds her with and he takes some sexy Polaroids of her. The front desk guy comes in and brings them wine and gets undressed. Marta and front desk guy go at it while Leon takes pictures of them. Once they start fucking, Leon joins in for a good ol’ fashioned double penetration.

I’m thinking Marta isn’t going to make it to Dario’s closing ceremony thing.

In fact, that comes up. Marta says she’s unsure about going to it. She’s having a hard time thinking about returning to Milan and to normal, everyday life. Leon says that she should spend the evening with him. He then gives her his finished pencil sketch of her butt and calls it his “Monamour”. At the party, Dario is frustrated because Marta is nowhere to be found. He sees Sylvia and asks her about Marta. She explains that Marta probably doesn’t want to talk to him and he needs to realize that women want to be fucked, not understood.

I… I do have questions about Tinto Brass’ view on women.

Sure enough, Marta spent the evening with Leon. She dances like a crazy person. She gets quite a bit of attention for how her boobs and her box is falling out of her dress. Then, Marta and Leon fuck at their table while everyone watches. Leon tells her to leave everything and come with him. She agrees. However, she wants to go back to her room and pack, but Leon thinks she won’t return. She promises she will. While they fuck at the restaurant, Marta recites a very explicit poem and then thinks about her and Leon and how others are envious of them, and what would Dario do if he thought about what Leon was doing to her.

She does wonder how long she and Leon would last once they left together.

She comes back to her and Dario’s room. Thinking he’s asleep, she sneaks around to collect her diary, but he has it and suddenly springs up to trap her in lie after lie. Finally, he starts to take Marta rough. He takes her from behind and it brings back the excitement in their marriage. She says that through Leon, she found Dario again and his jealousy brought back the animal. He even asked when she was going to go out dancing with Sylvia again – signifying that he approves of her affairs.

The film ends with Leon waiting for Marta only to be stood up. Good thing Sylvia is coming by. Knowing that Leon is on his way to Paris, she tells her boy toy to drive their car and luggage to Paris while she takes off with Leon. I guess everyone but that poor secretary dude got what they wanted in the end.

Heh… The end.

And so, we come to the end of Tinto Brass Extravaganza. How did we do? Well, Black Angel was, by far, the best movie of the month. This is probably is second. Marta is sultry as hell and infinitely easy to watch. Private is hit and miss, but when it hit, it was fun and sexy. Cheeky! was… Well, I have such mixed emotions about Cheeky! In one regard, I LOVE watching the lead, Yuliya Mayarchuk, throughout the movie. She is incredibly sexy and you want to watch every movement she makes. However, she’s a struggle to like. She seemingly uses people. That can be said about Marta in Monamour too, but it’s a little different. While Marta placed herself into the situation, the moment Dario slapped her, I wanted her to go get that dick. Carla, in Cheeky!, did not have that moment in which I sided with her promiscuity.

Cheeky! is super watchable, but not a great movie to feel good about liking. Monamour and Black Angel have either a more mature sensuality or substance to talk about.

With all that said, Tinto Brass certainly did have eroticism in spades to put on screen. It’s definitely a European style of eroticism. Over here, these movies would like be seen as weird and maybe even violent. I’m definitely glad I got to the movies in this box set. These movies definitely belong on the blog.

But where do we go from here? Well, think back to 2019 when I did Blue March. How did I follow that up? I followed up the only way I could, with the Cinema Snob. I think, after doing the Tinto Brass thing, I should do it again. Join me back here in one week for a loot at Another Cinema Snob Movie. In the meantime, follow B-Movie Enema on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to subscribe to the B-Movie Enema channel on YouTube to check out the various vids that get posted there.

So, with that, allow me to wish a very good, and very sexy, night to our leading ladies of Tinto Brass films everywhere. Thank you all, I guess, for letting us all see what your buttholes look like.

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