Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

In the greatest season of the year, there lies the greatest month of the year, and, within that, is the greatest weekend of the year. Oh yeah, it’s Halloween weekend, Enemaniacs! B-Movie Enema has not one, but TWO reviews for you in just four days. We get things started today with this week’s new article that revisits a favorite movie to watch during this time of the year.

Remember back to 2018. In a five-day stretch, I covered the classic 1988 Night of the Demons. I followed that up with the 2009 remake for Halloween Eve, right? Well, it’s time to go back to the Angela shenanigans for this 1994 sequel to that original class, Night of the Demons 2. And since we’re talking about going back to the well for this movie, I find it interesting that it was actually even made to begin with.

I kind of mean it. Six years passed between Night of the Demons and this first sequel. That’s right, there were two sequels made. I’m guessing there was some attempt to cash in on the original’s popularity for being a cable TV flick and an oft-rented horror masterpiece. So, a sequel was made and sold to Republic Pictures and Paramount for a brief theatrical run and video release by the respective companies. Since this is a movie all about the aftermath of a Halloween party gone wrong and a new Halloween party taking place, it only makes perfect sense that Night of the Demons 2 was released on May 13, 1994.

Wait, hang on… I think I can explain. They released it on Friday the 13th of that year so that they can, you know… Probably make it sound scarier or something. Maybe, just maybe, it had to do with they released it to theaters in May so it can get a video release in October, which would have been a normal turnaround time for movies hitting home video in that era.

This was made by Brian Trenchard-Smith. We kind of know that dude. He directed Turkey Shoot, which we covered here at the site. He was a producer on Blood Tide, which was also covered here. He’s got all kinds of credits for movies I’m pretty sure I could most definitely cover on the site too like BMX Bandits, Stunt Rock, and both Leprechaun 3 and Leprechaun 4: In Space. This guy can really crank ’em out in the quality we like to see around here.

Also returning for this movie is Angela herself, Amelia Kinkade. While Kinkade hasn’t had a huge career in acting, she’s beloved in the Angela role. She was such a force in the original that it’s the reason why I go back each year to watch the movie in October. In fact, Night of the Demons 2 and 1997’s Night of the Demons 3 were her final acting roles. Though, she’s in other recognizable flicks like as an uncredited dancer in Road House. She was the foxy nurse in Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. She’s been on the convention circuit before and seems to truly appreciate her role as Angela.

I also want to say that most of the roles Kinkade found herself in were for characters who were just dancing in the background of a scene or was playing an actual dancer as her character. When I think back to the original Night of the Demons, Angela’s frenetic dance she does after getting possessed by the demon in that rundown house makes far more sense now. She had the moves to back up Kevin Tenney wanting to film it. So… good. 11 year old me really appreciate that it was filmed.

Since leaving acting, she’s gone into the profession of being an animal communicator. That’s the type of thing where people go to talk to a distressed horse or dog or what have you and figures out how the animal’s owner can more readily meet the animal’s physical and emotional needs. She writes books on the topic and some of those have gotten pretty good reviews. Night of the Demons 2 itself typically brought in pretty good reviews too. It’s mentioned that it seems as though this movie knows what it is and having fun with it by having some good spooks and scares and some lighthearted and funny moments too.

Why not have a cold opening for this sequel? We see two churchy church types coming to spread the good word of the Jeebus to the neighborhood. They approach Hull House, the site of the first film’s demonic shenanigans. Now, I want you to fully realize that Hull House is 1) abandoned and 2) in quite a bit of disrepair. It is absolutely not being inhabited. But these bible-thumpin’ morons decide that they should knock on the door and ask for the man or lady of the house to talk the gospel.

The guy, at first, is not so sure. The girl, totally devoted to the mission work they’re on, says he shouldn’t be so quick to give up. Before they knock on the door, the door opens itself. They walk around and one of them comes to the obvious conclusion that maybe nobody lives here. But, Angela comes to speak to them. They ask her if she’s been saved and if she’s aware that the world is coming to an end soon. She says that, as a matter of fact, she is aware. She invites them to have cake and uses the knife to slice them to bits.

Soon, the movie proper starts and we’re at a school where three guys wearing only their boxer briefs are totally doing super straight shit like using binoculars to spy on the girls’ dorm across the way and looking at tits and high fiving each other and slammin’ Schmitt’s Gays. The fourth guy in this totally hetero dorm is Perry. He was in the bathroom for a while apparently and gets razzed by one of his roommates for not being super straight and just hanging out in his boxer briefs like the rest of them.

Seriously, was this scene directed by David DeCoteau?

I will give the movie credit for one thing – it knows how to get started. In the first five minutes we’ve seen Angela, titties, and frat boys totally being so straight.

Transition over to the girls’ dorm and we see three girls talking about the goings on from the aftermath of the original film. Bodies were recovered. They were all hacked to pieces and completely and totally messy. The only body not found was Angela Franklin’s. Word on the street was that she descended to hell body and soul and she’s now probably doing Satan right now. Just like guys constantly hang out and talk about chicks and spy on them and talk about jerking off, girls totally sit around in their hot pajamas and tell ghost stories and Satan’s dick and giggle about it. Right? Th-that’s what girls do, right?

Bibi (L), Terri (C), and Shirley (R)

And if Terri looks familiar, it’s because she should. That’s Christine Taylor. She’d be Marcia Brady in two Brady Bunch movies in short order after the release of this movie. She’d also go on to be in the hilarious Dodgeball movie and marry Ben Stiller. Not too bad. I know she’s kind of part of this clique that involves bully Shirley, but damn, she’s never not adorable. Zoe Trilling, who plays Shirley, is notable for appearing in Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes. Yeah, the one where the evil escapes via lamp. Maybe someday I have to do that one too.

Cristi Harris, playing Bibi, was only 16 years old when making this movie. It’s rare that a movie like this, which came out when I was 17 had a girl playing a movie student younger than me. In fact, I guarantee this was the only one of these movies released in the 90s. That’s going to be curious later because she does have a scene that might have been unsuitable for a 16 year old actress.

These girls are interrupted by another girl from the dorm, Melissa, who is nicknamed Mouse, because she’s kind of a weirdo. Mouse says there are some things that shouldn’t be joked about. They have Mouse go to bed and Shirley asks if Hull House is still around. Terri says it isn’t just Hull House, but Angela is also still around. People say Angela still roams the halls of Hull House searching for her missing party guests.

Now, Mouse doesn’t like it when people joke about what went down at Hull House for one very specific reason. When Angela comes and visits her, we discover that Mouse’s real name is Melissa Franklin. She’s Angela’s little sis. Angela turns into a demon and rips Mouse’s jaw off, but it’s only a nightmare. She wakes up screaming, which wakes everyone else up in the dormitory.

It would appear that our main cast of victims… er… I mean characters are at a catholic school or something. If you didn’t think the girls’ dorm isn’t watched over by a goofy nun character, then you don’t know half as much as you think you do.

This is Sister Gloria. She’s basically the girls’ side of the school. Father Bob is basically the acting headmaster. It’s revealed this is actually a school for troubled kids. When Father Bob wants Sister Gloria to take input from the students to help plan the Halloween Dance that happens every year, Sister Gloria is reluctant. She thinks these kids are too troubled to be given this kind of responsibility.

Bibi, Terri, and Shirley dish a little more on Mouse. Shirley didn’t know that she’s Angela’s sister, despite the other two already being fully aware. I assume Shirley is relatively new to the school. The story goes that a couple years back, the Franklin sisters’ parents got a Halloween card in the mail decorated with blood and dead insects and a bunch of other creepy shit. It was signed by Angela. Some tried to tell them that it was surely a joke, but they swear it was Angela’s own signature. They committed suicide. Mouse is at the school because she’s an orphan.

Shirley’s only reaction is that Mouse is just some charity case loser.

We find out that Perry is quite interested in demonology. Father Bob isn’t so interested in discussing this. Perry is actually reading an old book on the subject and is pretty pissed off about that book going missing. It’s actually been lifted by Shirley. While flirting with Shirley, one of the boys, Kurt, is caught wrestling around while flirting by Sister Gloria. The Sister bars Shirley and Kurt from going to the big Halloween Dance.

Perry tries a little necromancy in Father Bob’s office. He summons Angela who comes out of the mirror and she tries to grab Perry. Father Bob tells Perry he is no longer allowed to go to the dance either. Meanwhile, Shirley and Kurt play grab ass in the church’s van and she tells him about a party she’s planning at Hull House. She wants Kurt’s friend, Johnny, to be there. Johnny is hot for Bibi and vice versa, so if Johnny goes Bibi will surely go to the party as well. One specific guest she wants to be there is Mouse, so she wants Terri and Bibi to make sure she’s there too.

We’ve come to the end of the first act and something is starting to boil to the surface. I don’t have any confirmation here. I’m just musing, but I’m starting to get very specific spec-script vibes from this. Like maybe this began life as a relatively generic horror movie about demons and these boarding school kids, but then the aspects tied to Night of the Demons was added to give it a little more selling power by interested parties.

It just feels a little disconnected from the original. Part of that might be the six years separating the two movies. Part of that, though, could be they wanted it to be marketable and therefore it was mixed in with the Angela Franklin stuff. I could totally be wrong. I probably am wrong. That said, if there is one thing in particular I can say about how this movie “feels”, this sequel feels more like a third or fourth sequel than anything else. It’s gone far enough down the franchise path that it feels like a movie about Angela Franklin, Hull House, and the whole deal, but it also feels like a distant cousin more than a direct sequel.

So the students involved sneak off for the party. The only one of our main cast who wasn’t invited was Perry. Perry is sweet on Mouse and ends up finding one of invitations for the party. As Rick, a guy that Shirley is actually hooked up with (not Kurt even though she totally let him touch her boobs), drives to where the party is supposed to be, a mysterious guy on the side of the road, switched the directions leading the car directly to Hull House… Which I thought was the plan all along? Maybe this guy, “Z-Boy”, is involved in some sort of subterfuge? When they get there, Mouse, is freaking out. She is adamant about not being at Hull House. Kurt and Shirley refuse to let the others out. They WILL party at Hull House even if they don’t want to.

A funny thing happens on the way to Hull House (heh… That sounds like an awesome title for a musical version of Night of the Demons). At one point, Kurt wants to know what Terri’s deal is. He literally calls her “Marcia”. I wonder if Christine Taylor had already been cast at this point as Marcia Brady and if that was just a funny joke. That doesn’t seem all that likely. This was either filming in late 1993 or very very early 1994 (remember this was released in May 1994). That means she would have had to have been cast in The Brady Bunch Movie like in 1993 for it to make it into this movie.

Then again… she does look a LOT like Marcia Brady.

Everyone begins exploring Hull House. Things around the house also begin to move and creep in the shadows. While Bibi and Johnny fuck in a peculiarly furnished room (and yes, if Cristi Harris was indeed only 16 when making this movie, she’s full on topless and performing a sex scene that spends a lot of time on her boobs) and Kurt and Terri try to find a room to fuck in, Shirley and Rick reveal they plan to sacrifice a black cat to stir up some shit. Speaking of stirring up some shit, Z-Boy scares Mouse, who’s been cowering in the car refusing to go into Hell House, and she runs into the house where Z-Boy, Rick, and Shirley decide they don’t need the scared off cat anymore… They have a Mouse.

Turns out that the knife they had was a fake, retracting knife. They only wanted to basically terrify Mouse. When it appeared the knife was being plunged into Kurt’s chest when he goes to protect Mouse, Terri screams and that interrupts Johnny and Bibi’s fuck sesh. The gang all gather back in the main room and, just like in the first, a foul odor is released when a spirit flies out of the incinerator.

Somebody does say that whatever that smell is, it smells like Godzilla’s butthole.

Mouse sees a vision of Angela walking in the halls. They find a large pool of blood with maggots in it. Johnny decides maybe it’s time to get the fuck out of there. They plan to leave, but Terri decides she needs to pee first. When she opens the toilet, a demonic head is in the bowl but it disappears when Kurt looks. Z-Boy sees Angela and follows her to the attic. She possesses Z-Boy and then fucks him.

Irritated by Z-Boy’s antics and whooping and hollering, Rick decides to leave him behind. After all, he got here on his own anyway and head back to the school. Back at the school, Perry tells Sister Gloria that he thinks some of the students went to Hull House. When she realizes that Mouse isn’t at the dance, she knows this is trouble.

On the way back to the school, Bibi pulls out a souvenir from Hull House, the lipstick she found that once belonged to Linnea Quigley. When she thinks about putting some of the lipstick on, it turns into something like a snake trying to bite her. Shirley thinks she’s being a wuss and puts the lipstick on. When everyone gets back to the school, Mouse is pissed and goes to her room. Terri and Kurt go off to have sex. In the bathroom, Shirley goes to put on more of the lipstick, but it attacks her in what looks a lot like a veiny, weird, animal dick. It first goes into her mouth, before slipping up her dress to… You know. It looks like Shirley really liked what happened. Smoke then comes out of the lipstick tube and Angela appears to give Shirley a nice deep kiss.

Angela joins the Halloween Dance and decides to show off some dance moves.

It really does need to be said that Amelia Kinkade’s dancing is really good. She had a scene that was a showstopper in the original and she does it again. If I was at that dance, I probably would be like poor Johnny just a deer in the headlights while this dark lady with the curls and the moves asked me if I was thirsty while pouring all the punch over her tits.

Speaking of tits… Zoe Trilling shows off some of her own moves. She also shows off that her boobs can become hands that will burn Rick’s hand off. Poor guy just wanted to get a touch in on those giant knockers of hers. Still… Worth it.

The students are taken to the school chapel. Bibi, Johnny, and Perry are given the task of keeping people there and safe. Sister Gloria has a bitchin’ suit up scene. She’s in her full on nun’s garment with rosaries and everything. Meanwhile, Perry sets himself up with holy water balloons and a super soaker full of holy water. They’re ready for war!

But uh oh… Someone is missing. Actually two someones are missing. Johnny and Bibi haven’t seen Kurt or Terri since getting back from Hull House. They’re off making out and touching each other’s junk. Angela decides to touch some junk too. The young lovers are in the church van. Somehow, Angela’s got under the van or under the seats or something. She sticks her hand up out of the seat between Kurt’s legs and unzips his pants and goes for a little feel.

I mean… You know where that’s going, right? Like, she’s gonna rip his dick off or something? Well, we get a subversion of expectations! Kurt realizes Terri has both her hands where he can see them. Angela is between his legs and flipping them off. They get out of the van and try to run away, but Angela finds them and cuts Kurt’s head clean off his shoulders.

Terri runs away, but runs right into Shirley which means we get to see Zoe Trilling and Christine Taylor make out and we all get a little happier.

We’re now rushing headlong into this final act of Night of the Demons 2. People are being turned into demons, we’re seeing girls make out with each other. Thing are starting to get a little nutty. Angela goes to visit with her little sis who she says she’ll take care of her. Angela spins a yarn about how she was scared after her Halloween party, so she had to run away. She tells Mouse she will take her to a wonderful place where she now has all these new friends.

Bibi gets attacked by demon Terri. Perry pours holy water down her mouth and Terri barfs up weird green stuff and bugs and stuff. It apparently saves Terri because Sister Gloria tells Bibi and Johnny to take her to the chapel and she’ll be fine. Outside, Mouse and Angela get in the car with demonic Shirley and Rick. Perry, Bibi, Johnny, Sister Gloria, and Father Bob decide to take the fight to Hull House. However, Father Bob is only going to prove this whole thing is a prank and quiet all the rumors and stuff the kids circulate.

Father Bob insists on people splitting up. Perry decides to go with him while the other three go their own way to look for Mouse. Bibi gets separated from Johnny and Sister Gloria when a door shuts between them. Trying to bust open the door separating them from Bibi, Johnny gets separated from Sister Gloria. Angela hits Johnny causing him to fall out a window. Father Bob and Perry come across the demonic Rick.

Rick confesses that he broke the Fifth Commandment – Thou Shall Not Kill. But he says that who he killed is Father Bob. He begins stabbing the priest and Perry fights back with his holy water super soaker and holy water balloons. When footage of Angela from the first movie floats down the hall after Perry, he runs away. Outside, Johnny comes to and finds Kurt outside dribbling his own head like a basketball. Johnny tries to run away from him but keeps getting cornered by Kurt. Perry comes to the rescue again with a holy water balloon.

Except Z-Boy (who I guess has yet to mature into a Z-Man) comes along with his baseball bat with nails sticking out of it and hits Perry in the head, ultimately killing him. As Perry begins to reanimate as a demon, he asks for holy water to drink. That saves his soul, but he is still dying. Before he finally dies, he tells Johnny that he thinks Angela will kill Mouse and begs him to save the girl.

Inside the house, Z-Boy attacks Bibi, but she’s saved by Sister Gloria. Father Bob and Shirley attack Bibi and Sister Gloria respectively, but Johnny saves them with the holy water. Z-Boy comes back but Bibi hits him in the dick with a holy water balloon. Mouse is set up for sacrifice, but before they can rescue her, Angela appears and tells them Mouse is home already and they won’t be able to escape either. It looks like Angela decapitates Sister Gloria but apparently maybe she’s part turtle because she was able to retract her head into her robe or something?

Anyway, Sister Gloria agrees to trade places with Mouse in exchange for the kids’ freedom. Angela wants Mouse to kill Sister Gloria, but her constant reference to the name Mouse pisses her off and she stabs Angela instead. Sister Gloria is able to use the super soaker of holy water on Angela and evil is defeated.

In a very ooey gooey way.

But wait a minute! There’s still seven minutes left! Sister Gloria tells the kids it’s time to leave, but they find themselves lost in the house. The house isn’t going to give them a door to allow them to leave. And… Neither is Angela who returns in the form of a weird snake monster. It’s a really cool creature effect for her. I dig it a lot.

Angela’s snake tail starts whipping around knocking out Johnny and Sister Gloria. It even wraps up Bibi and allows her to grab Mouse for one more chance to take her sister back. But seeing the wooden slats over the window broken in just a certain way, Johnny karate kicks it and it allows a cross-shaped beam of light to enter the room and hit Angela where she then explodes.

In the daylight, Sister Gloria, Bibi, Mouse, and Johnny return to the school. Sister Gloria proclaims everything is going to be alright. The lipstick is found on the road by another girl at the school and when she opens it, a snake emerges from it leaving things open for another sequel.

I will admit that I struggled with this movie through the first half of it. Remember above I said I was starting to get distinct spec-script vibes from the movie. Like it didn’t feel like it was connected at all to the original. Then, the second half came, and, all of a sudden, it started to feel like a true sequel to Night of the Demons. It’s probably mostly the difference between 1988 and 1994.

But let’s go back to that first half, yes? The absolute standout of the movie is honestly Zoe Trilling. I don’t know what it is about her voice or her peculiar dialect, but her performance is batshit insane in this. She says things in this with a weird affectation that makes it almost sound like she’s a bad girl from the 40s or 50s in a teen exploitation thriller or something. I’m trying to figure out exactly what this performance is and all I can say is that it is like she’s speaking her dialog with a tongue lined with spikes. The words that come out that mouth are covered in shattered glass and meant to cut everything that receive those words. She is overly sultry in this movie.

Like, what was her direction for this movie? Was she told by Brian Trenchard-Smith to speak as if you are simultaneously wanting to fuck every single member of the audience AND doing that mean girl put down fetish thing too? Like, Trilling could have been a billionaire if she was able to put a webcam on herself in 1994 and just spoke like Shirley to anyone willing to pay 25 bucks a month to be titilated and humiliated.

Oh… I’m… I’m sorry, Miss Trilling. Please punish me and also be incredibly sexy.

What was I saying? Oh yeah… So, her performance. I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is about her performance that makes it insane, but it’s so sharp and so mean and so arch that I bet she was having a blast. It cannot be put into words properly. I’d just recommend seeing the movie and watch it for yourself.

However, once we kind of work our way through that awkward first half and get to the back half of the movie, this feels totally in line with the original. I’m positive they either had to recreate or find a new location for Hull House, but it looks right. It looks good. Angela, especially in the demon make up, is spot on again. The snake monster thing is fantastic. You just have to kind of accept the set up is a very different thing in this sequel compared to the original. Once you get there, it’s a fine sequel. Some may not love the idea of Sister Gloria, but I think she’s actually a fun character. She’s kind of silly, but she helps keep things on the lighter side and she’s doing Nun Fu, so… c’mon. It’s fun stuff even if it can never compare to the greatness of the original.

Someday, we’ll do Night of the Demons 3 and bring the trilogy to a close.

That does it for this week’s B-Movie Enema… At least the regularly-scheduled B-Movie Enema. We’re just getting started with Halloween. Come back on Monday, as I finally return to the franchise whose name is borrowed from the holiday itself as I take a look at the 1988 flick Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

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So, be good boils and ghouls this weekend and I’ll return Monday with good ol’ Mikey and slash our way through Haddonfield once more!

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